Camp Merveilles Utah 2016 – Presented by WOFA and the Kissidugu Foundation

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Merveilles Utah African Dance, Drum & Song Conference! We are excited to host another conference in Utah. Last year we experienced an unbelievable response to our first endeavors in hosting this event. This year will be no exception. We have some new additions this year, one of which includes additional guest artists from Guinea, Congo and the United States. We’re ramping up our discussion portion with an interactive workshop series, Beginning the Discussion: Bringing new awareness and perspective to participating, learning and understanding the cultural diaspora of African dance and music. The conference will wrap up with our show, Wontanara, an amazing performance with our guest faculty, the Merveilles all Stars and Wofa Afro Fusion Dance. Please join us to celebrate the richness of African Culture in this three day event celebrating Dance, Drum and Song!

Merveilles Utah – African Dance and Drum Conference from Monica Remes on Vimeo.