Camp Merveilles Utah 2017 – Presented by WOFA and the Kissidugu Foundation

April 7, 8, and 9th, 2017

Welcome to the third annual Merveilles African Dance and Music conference hosted by Kissidugu Foundation and Wofa Afro Fusion Dance. We are preparing for another electrifying weekend of dancing, drumming and sharing. We will continue our tradition of bringing in top-notch faculty from Guinea, Zimbabwe, Haiti and the Congo who have a breadth of experience and knowledge and are eager to share with participants.

This year, our focus is on creating opportunity for students of diverse populations to experience and gain knowledge in Pan – African culture. We have created a scholarship fund to help support our efforts. You can find our donation information here on our website! Even the smallest donations make a big difference!

Wongai! Let’s Go! Inside the Dance Circle: Is our opening conference dialogue where we discuss the historical and cultural significance of the circle in Africa and in African classes across the globe. We will address the nuances of the relationship between the lead drummer and solo dancer, and share insights on how to negotiate the circle as a new dancer and, even, as a veteran. The masters share their insights on negotiating the circle to connect with spirit and transform the dancer, drummer and community. 

Merveilles Utah – African Dance and Drum Conference from Monica Remes on Vimeo.